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Academic Week 2019

From the 18th to the 22nd of February, Methodist Girls School Kuala Lumpur held their annual academic week. The annual academic week has helped students in enhancing their general knowledge and to learn the importance of academics and studies through various fun activities conducted in the school area. The launch of the academic week took place on the 18th of February, Monday during our weekly school assembly. Many of the students were excited and thrilled to hear what activities they were in for as there were many prizes to be given out to the winners of the various activities.

The launch of the annual academic week.

During the academic week, our school’s Department of Science and Mathematics held a Science Exploration activity where Form 3 and Form 5 students were required to carry out science experiments. There were many stunning science experiments being carried out including the ones below.

Experiments that were carried out.

Our school's Languages Department had conducted many exciting school activities including plays, spelling bees, giving speeches, storytelling, scrapbook making and many fun quizzes.

Storytelling, spelling bee and speech giving for English.
Plays and scrapbooks for Bahasa Melayu.

Our school's Technical and Vocational Department had also conducted 2 amusing activities including The Amazing Race where students have to complete 9 tasks at 9 stations to win the game. There was also a MasterChef competition where students have to cook up and create delicious dishes chosen by the judges.
bean sorting, slipper slingshotting and nail balancing (The Amazing Race).
MasterChef contestants cooking.

 There were also many competitions and activities carried out by our school's Humanities Department including:

crossword puzzles and quizzes on History.
Moral quiz.
 Jawi spelling competition, Hafazan competition and Tilawah Al-Quran competition.
 Quilling competition, poster colouring competition and a rock painting competition.
There were also many other quizzes and crossword puzzles that students took part in.

by: Lim Xin Yi (4 Science 2019)